Farm Fountain 3 - In our home version there are 7 edible tilapia fish, 6 goldfish and 2 koi coexisting in the tank. The system is next to a sliding glass door for natural lighting and has additional grow lights, most of which are efficient LED bulbs that emit the ideal frequencies of light for plant growth - red and blue. The water in the fountain is pumped up to the 2-liter soda bottle planters at the top, where it trickles down through the rest of the planters and finally into the fish tank, which is a 100 gallon Rubbermaid horse trough. We considered using a bathtub here, but this solution was lighter weight and transportable in our car.


link to farm fountain 3 video
Video of Farm Fountain 4, with narration
(4 minutes)
link to video of Farm Fountain 4
Video of Farm Fountain 4 (38 seconds)
Farm Fountain is a collaborative project by artists Amy Youngs and Ken Rinaldo