Links that are very useful for learning more about aquaponics

Aquaponics online manual - from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

S & S AQUA Farm Bioponics System - The popular Sperrano system, also see their very helpful Aquaponics list index

Backyard Aquaponics - the australian system, good for warm weather locations, they also have an excellent online forum

Barrelponics (PDF) - download the manual for a neat system using cut-up plastic food barrels, by Travis Hughey. Barrelponics Forum
Aquaculture Program - at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus. They teach a course in Aquaponics & Tilapia
Aquaponics Journal - electronic or physical subscriptions available, plus lots of free online content
LED grow lights

Greenpinelane - well-documented experiments in growing plants using red and blue LED lights

LEDBulb.Bizz - great place to purchase LED light bulbs

Garden Indoors - our local hydroponics store in Columbus, OH sells traditional grow lights. They are also currently testing the UFO and Procyon LED light systems.

Johnny's Seeds - for buying seeds online
Plant Physiology Online - chapter on Symptoms of Deficiency in Essential Minerals is useful to identify problems plants may be having
Farm Fountain is a collaborative project by artists Amy Youngs and Ken Rinaldo